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How it works

Since ServiceCashAdvance is not a lender, the services we offer do not include deciding on who gets approved for loans. Through our service, borrowers are matched with independent lenders. Payday loans, title loans, loans for those with terrible credit, and installment loans are just a few of the several loan options available to you. We exclusively collaborate with authorized lenders in the USA in order to provide good service to users of our site.

Getting a Loan Online

Online loan applications are easy to complete. These are the steps you take to obtain the required funding.

  1. Select the loan amount

    Decide how much you need to borrow first. To determine if you can afford to repay the loan without defaulting, calculate the rate for repayments.

  2. Completing the online form

    Complete the loan request form located on the lender’s website. Give the relevant details and mention the amount you wish to borrow. Submit your application.

  3. We match you with the best lender, and you receive immediate approval.

    You can receive feedback in less than 20 minutes because the approval procedure is swift. In less than an hour, the majority of lenders are able to decide positively on your application.

  4. Funds are deposited into your bank account.

    The funds will be sent to your account once all the procedures have been followed. Verify that you have enough funds to pay back the loan on time; otherwise, fines may apply.

Eligibility requirements

To submit an application for a loan, you must be eligible, as required by the lender. These are the most typical requirements that you must fulfill:

  • US citizenship is required.
  • Income proof: Include a pay stub or bank statement to demonstrate that you have a reliable source of income.
  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • Keep a checking account open.